What Window Style Will Work Best for My Home?

So you’ve decided that it’s time to update the windows in your home but you’re overwhelmed with the amount of styles that are out there. Should you replace your windows with the same style or shake things up by trying something new? What kind of windows would benefit the room you’re putting them in? We’re here to break down some of these options and let you know the difference between some of the most popular window styles in the industry.

Double Hung Windows

Not only do people find double hung windows to be the most aesthetically pleasing, they are also one of  the most common styles and can benefit almost any room in your home. They slide along a vertical track to open and unlike single hung windows, they open from the top and the bottom. This allows the warm air to flow out of the top while cool air sails into your home through the bottom opening. This can be super handy to help ventilate warm upstairs bedrooms in multi-level houses. They can also be tilted in so you can clean the entirety of glass. They embody true functionality for those who want a traditional look with a range of customizable options.

Casement Windows

These are also known as crank out windows based on the method used for opening them. They swing from a hinge just like a door and provide a great amount of airflow and ventilation to your home. They’re great for letting in a lot of natural light and shut thoroughly on all sides providing a snug and secure close. They work really well in kitchens and bathrooms but can go anywhere you’d like in your home.

Bay and Bow Windows

A bay window is usually made up of three windows that meet at an angle causing them to slightly protrude from your home. A bow window is similar but the design is curved without angles between the windows. Both allow more natural light to funnel in and will make any room appear larger. The options are limitless for this type of design and any room can be totally transformed. When placed in your living room, you can add a window seat on the inside that can be used as a lovely little reading nook, a space to watch a rainstorm or a spot for your plants to absorb all of the sunlight that will be shining through. When placed in your kitchen, you can create a unique dining area, breakfast nook or place the bay/bow window by your sink as an alternative to a garden window.

Slider Windows

Sliders are actually very similar to double hung windows. They slide along a horizontal track as opposed to a vertical one. They are also excellent for ventilation since they open from either side and are easy to open and close. Sliders can be larger than double hung windows and the slim vertical lines give the window a clean and elegant appearance. This offers maximum visibility to the view outside. If you have difficulty opening vertical windows, sliders can be a great option for you. They work really well in your living/dining/office area as well as anywhere that opens into a walkway, terrace or deck. They let in plenty of natural light and can brighten up any room.

Awning/Hopper Windows

Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward toward the bottom.  You can leave the windows open while it’s raining outside without having to worry about the interior of your home being exposed to the elements. They are incredibly versatile and work well in combination with other window styles in your home. Some like to place their awning windows over their kitchen sink but they can be placed anywhere in the home.  Hopper windows are similar except they hinge at the bottom and can push outward or pull inward to open. Both provide great ventilation and natural light without compromising your privacy but you probably don’t want to keep your hopper window open in the rain.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary and don’t include any type of mechanical elements. They provide an unobstructed view to the outside of your home while allowing a ton of natural light to fill your space. They combine beautifully with other window styles and act like a permanent picture frame. They are also very customizable and can come in a large variety of sizes. They can make any room in your house feel bigger and are usually placed in living rooms, dining rooms, office spaces and even over kitchen sinks and bathroom tubs.  

home with windows 2 after
home with windows 2 after
home with windows 2 after
home with windows 2 after
home with windows 2 after

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