Why Choose Kitchen Refacing?

Have you ever found yourself looking around your current kitchen and realizing that it’s about time for an updated look and feel? Or have you noticed that some of your doors and drawers are either warped/damaged and are a hassle to deal with? Making changes to your kitchen in any capacity can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider the potential cost.

In our experience, most homeowners don’t even know where to begin. Do you want to embark on a complete kitchen gut and remodel? Should you consider refinishing your cabinets or should you consider kitchen refacing? What kind of timeline do you have? What is the difference between all of these options?

We’ll talk about all of these options and tell you a little bit more about how our Reface Experts have developed an incredible Kitchen Refacing process that will deliver a beautiful kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Option 1: Full Kitchen Remodel

This is usually the first option that comes to mind when thinking about updating your kitchen. In the past you would have probably been hard pressed to find an affordable alternative. With a full kitchen remodel, you’ll have the option to completely gut everything out and start over. This includes the ability to replace your cabinets, remove walls and change the layout of your space. It can be quite costly, time intensive and disruptive. You likely won’t be able to access your kitchen during the remodel but if that fits into your timeline and budget, this is probably the option for you.

Option 2: Resurfacing/Refinishing

If you decide to go the route of Resurfacing/Refinishing, you’ll be altering your existing door and drawer styles by changing only their exterior finish or color. This could be a great alternative to a full kitchen remodel if your doors/drawers are in really good shape. If you’re having functionality issues or your doors/drawers are warped or broken, this option is probably not for you. Some homeowners decide to take on re-sanding/refinishing/repainting all on their own. This process can be laborious and you have to make sure that your cabinets can be painted in the first place. If your doors/drawers are at all warped, chipped or damaged, a fresh coat of paint may make these flaws even more evident. It’s truly a commitment and even if you have a company come out and do it for you, there’s no guarantee how long it will last. Resurfacing/Refinishing will inevitably show wear-and-tear over time and likely won’t last as long as refacing or remodeling. It’s possible to obtain a fresh look and feel with this method but you will be stuck with your current cabinet style.

Option 3: Kitchen Refacing

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your space without investing in a full remodel or taking the risk of resurfacing/refinishing your existing doors and drawers, kitchen refacing is the option for you. It’s an accessible, convenient and long lasting approach to transforming your outdated kitchen into a stylish and high functioning space without the massive undertaking and cost of replacing all of your cabinets. Kitchen refacing is faster and can be completed in a few days to a week compared to several weeks for traditional kitchen remodeling. Your kitchen will remain functional throughout the whole process as well so you don’t have to rearrange your life in any aspect. Rather than going straight to replacing the cabinets you already have, we’re able to utilize their existing structure, maximizing your budget and getting you the highest quality end result. 

Our Beyond Kitchen Refacing System process begins by replacing your doors and drawers with solid wood, custom-made doors and drawers in the style and color of your choice. From there we apply a real wood seamless overlay to the remaining cabinet structure making everything flawless and cohesive. If you’re worried about the functionality of your space, we offer endless storage customization options including pull-out drawers, spice racks, lazy susans etc. We are also able to replace your countertops, backsplash, build center islands and can add or remove cabinets.

Most importantly, no matter which option you choose, it will come at a cost. A full kitchen remodel will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars. While resurfacing is a more affordable option, it is likely not going to stand the test of time. You will inevitably find yourself re-budgeting that initial investment for a permanent solution or a second round of resurfacing/refinishing those same cabinets.

Our refacing options combine the best of budget, longevity, and kitchen customizations to give you your dream kitchen at a price that won’t wreak havoc on your bank account – with our financing options, you could achieve your customized dream kitchen for as little as $200 a month!

Schedule your free in-home design consultation now to learn more and visit our before/after kitchen gallery to see how we have given our customers the kitchen of their dreams without the hassle, cost and inconvenience of a full remodel. 

home with windows 2 after
home with windows 2 after
home with windows 2 after

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