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A Dream Kitchen that Fits Your Budget!
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Discover How We Turn Outdated Kitchens Into a Stylish and High Functioning Space Without Replacing the Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of any home. A central hub of activity - from small meals with immediate family, to entertaining guests for dinner parties and holidays. Whatever the occasion, homeowners want a kitchen that looks and functions its best.

When faced with the prospect of updating their kitchen, homeowners often find themselves overwhelmed.
Where do I start? What options are out there? Who do I call?

The process can seem daunting and is often something put off for way too long — which is why we strive to make the process simple.
The top question we get from homeowners is: "In order to update and modernize my kitchen, do I need to replace all the cabinets?”
And the short answer, we’ve found, is usually no.

Our exclusive Beyond Kitchen Refacing system is an accessible, convenient, and long-lasting approach to transforming outdated kitchens into a stylish and high functioning space without the massive undertaking and cost of replacing all of the cabinets.

Over our 19+ years of revamping thousands of kitchens across the Twin Cities, we’ve refined our process and have come up with a system that works for 90%
of homes, providing a high-quality and affordable path to your dream kitchen.

How Does Kitchen Refacing Work?

We’ve found that most kitchens have a solid “skeleton” to the cabinets.
Rather than going straight to replacing those already existing cabinets, we're able to utilize them and work with what you have,
maximinizing your budget and getting you the highest quality end result.

First, we replace all the doors and drawers of the cabinetry with real wood, custom-made doors and drawers.
From there we apply a real-wood seamless overlay to the remaining cabinet structure to match these new doors and drawers.
This revitalizes the look and feel of the cabinets, and gives you a brand new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.

Moving on from there, the sky’s the limit.
We have endless storage customization options that can be added — including pull-out drawers, spice racks, lazy susans, etc.
We can also replace countertops, backsplashes, build center islands, and more. Need some cabinets repaired, removed, resized, or additional ones added?
We've got you covered! Check out our before and after gallery for examples of some of our past work.

Unless you’re looking to do extensive moving of plumbing and electrical, refacing is usually an excellent fit.
Our expert cabinet makers are skilled for even the most creative solutions.
See if it’s right for you by contacting us today and setting up a no-obligation consultation!

Why Our Customers Love Kitchen Refacing:

“We LOVE the results! They use real wood and quality hardware for a beautiful result!” - Kelly M

“We had our kitchen cabinets refaced though that term does not do this project justice. Cabinet doors and drawers were replaced with new solid wood materials which included dovetail craftsmanship joints. All new hardware was installed. The structure was "refaced". Window Store personnel including the salesman, blueprint professional, photographer, and installer were all professional. Dennis, our installer did his job with a pleasant attitude showing gifted skill and talent. We are pleased and recommend The Window Store for your home improvements.” - William S.

“After this experience, I know that this is a company I can trust to give me a fair price and do high quality work.” - Paul C.

“We had a great experience with The Window Store for our kitchen cabinet refacing! They were extremely thorough in the planning process. They were accurate on their timelines and install time. The installer was very personable and did a great job. We LOVE the results! They use real wood and quality hardware for a beautiful result!” - Kelly V.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is installation?

With installation crews made up of only the most experienced craftsmen in the business, our usual installation time is usually only 3-5 days, with your kitchen remaining functional the whole time. No need to put a pause on the home cooked meals!

How long will my new kitchen last?

With all of our products being made exclusively of the highest quality, real-wood materials, your refaced kitchen will last you the rest of your time in the home! Unlike alternatives like repainting or resurfacing where you may see fading, chipping, etc after only months or a couple years, we stand by our work for years and years to come.

How does refacing maximize my budget?

The perfect alternative to full replacement, refacing maximizes your budget by utilizing, as opposed to wasting, what you already have in your kitchen. Working with the existing skeleton of your cabinets, we cut out the need for extensive and expensive demolition and building of brand new cabinets.

Does my new kitchen come with a warranty?

Yes! The Window Store Inc warranties the products and labor of every project we do! Contact us to learn more about our warranties and discover why we’re considered the most reliable home improvement company in Minnesota.

Our Installation Process

We directly hire and manage a team of installers whose natural talent combined with our professional training program means your kitchen is expertly installed to last a lifetime.

Our expert installation staff is the main reason our customers keep coming back, and the reason we hold the distinction of being the only company that can offer 100% lifetime warranty on both parts as well as labor.

Had a great experience with one of our installers? We love to hear about it! Submit them for our employee recognition program.

4 Simple Steps to the
Kitchen of Your Dreams

Step 1: Schedule Your Free Design Consultation to Discover Your Options and Design Your Dream Kitchen
• Find a time that fits your schedule and we’ll get one of our experts out to explain the process, answer all your questions, and provide you with expert advice.

• Our designer will have samples and information about all the different options - styles, colors, species of wood, etc. and let you pick out the options you like. They will also be able to help you decide how to maximize your space and guide you through the add-on options available to you. We can add pull out drawers, spice racks, additional cabinets, replace or repair problem cabinets, build center islands, open up space, etc. If you need it, we can probably do it! Check out our gallery to see some of these options in action!

Step 2: Receive an Exact Quote and Learn About Financing Options.
Once your kitchen is designed to your specifications, our representative will be able to crunch some numbers and get you an exact, straight-forward price on the spot. No waiting around for weeks on proposals and estimates, and no hidden costs - all of our prices include product, installation, warranty, etc. From there you can discuss any of our many flexible payment or financing options* - we work with a variety of lenders and have in-house financing options available.

*Financing is subject to credit approval.

Step 3: Your Kitchen is Professionally Installed
• Next, we finalize measurements and go to work getting all the materials ordered, parts built in our local warehouse, and everything ready to install.

• When everything is ready to go, we’ll contact you and work around your schedule to get your optimal installation time scheduled. Our expert installers will come out to your house and get to work building your new kitchen. With our thorough and efficient team of craftsmen, our general time-frame for a kitchen install is only 3-5 days, with your kitchen remaining mostly usable the entire time.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Brand New Kitchen
After that, it’s time for the best part - enjoying your kitchen!

Check Out our Kitchen Refacing Gallery

Download Our Kitchen Reface vs Replace Guide for More Tips!


A Real Life Example

We've found that the age-old saying "Seeing is Believing" rings true especially when it comes to home renovations. We understand the trust that homeowners put in the Window Store when taking on such a personal project.

Get an inside look at a real-life Kitchen Refacing project from start to finish with The Window Store Inc and KS95 Host, "Hutch!"
Like what you see? Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today for any questions or to schedule a
free consultation with one of our Window Store experts!

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